I wish to offer you more than a wonderful cup of tea! I hope to inspire tea as part of your daily routine, a lifestyle of drinking tea. This ancient beverage has been shared by great teachers, spiritual leaders, mystics, both wealthy and poor persons, athletes and dancers, presidents and lay people, mothers and fathers, morning and night, together and alone, baring no discrimination of  gender, color or faithful practices.

There IS something sacred about Tea. We know it, we feel it, and she longs to be with us. Who could we be if we dare spend time alone with her. What will she offer when we share her with others. What adventures might we enjoy seeking her throughout our travels. Her mysterious and elusive aromas evoke all good intentions when we let our guard down. Our body relaxes when we invite her to be with us. She is good, yes very, very good.  Your intuition tells you this. You were born with an innate knowing of her healing qualities. She quiets your busy mind and stimulates creativity. 

The lifestyle of tea is ooh so much more than this. It is a journey of wholesome living in body, mind, soul and spirit. It isn’t self -seeking because the journey requires you to share its offerings with others to inherit the full benefits. Whatever you are longing to heal or learn, bring it to the beginning of this journey. If you have been drinking tea for a long time, perhaps you may want to grow or heal another part of your life.

Each week I will offer a little nugget of how Tea “ Changed My Life” and the many lives I’ve encountered on my Tea path. 

Take time out each day, put your phones down, and indulge in Tea Time. Life Beyond the cup of tea!

Lisa Feistel

Life Beyond the cup of tea!

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Our Adoptees

Get Loose Tea donates 10% of net profits of each sale to non-profit organizations that are committed to stopping the ivory trade, poaching, and the unfair treatment of our wildlife. For every fifty dollars donated to Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya we adopt an orphaned baby elephant.
You can visit their website at sheldrickwildlifetrust.org to witness for yourself the great work they are doing.

Customers reviews

Sacred Silver needle
A true tea connoisseur will immediately recognize the delightful contradiction of the complexity and purity of this high quality white tea. All silver needle is not created equal and this is something truly special. The taste is bright but never bitter if you don’t over steep. This is my daily late afternoon/early evening tea. My day is not complete without this coveted stash of silver needle. I take it whenever I’m on the road so wherever I go familiar civilization travels with me.
Don’t Wait To Meditate
I have been ordering and drinking this Blend from Get Loose Tea for 5 years! It’s my absolute go to every night. For years I searched for a soothing blend to help me relax before bed! Bingo! This is it. I have explored other similar chamomile’s and none compare to the smoothness and quality of this one. Thanks Lisa for helping me sleep.
Cha-Cha-Cherry Tango
The look, the aroma, the texture of this tea is as surprising as it is rewarding. When you first lay eyes on Cha Cha Cherry in person you may think “now that can’t really be a tea.” In place of the expected dried faded leaves you have before you a delightful combination of luscious colorful chunks of fruit. The aroma hits you next. It is a sensory treat. The taste is your reward as Cha Cha Cherry is an explosion of delight. I’m not exaggerating. This is my go to after dinner tea. A calorie free dessert. Enjoy!

Life Beyond the cup of tea!

Sign up for our email  and in addition to our monthly special tea offering,  you will also receive a weekly Tea Inspiration.