All Possibilities Peach (sample)

Our balanced blend of White Peony is carefully sifted with Rose petals and Peach blossoms offering a sweet, mild flavor that has become a best seller to be enjoyed both hot and iced.
We like to say “Sip in the joy and peace with All Possibilities Peach.”

Each sample yields approximately 3 cups of tea (6-8 oz. cup of water)


White Tea is one of China’s special treasures, made from the youngest and most tender hand-picked leaf tips and buds. Our balanced blend of White Peony, also known as Pai Mu Tan, is carefully sifted with Rose petals and Peach blossoms offering a sweet, mild flavor that has become a best seller to be enjoyed both hot and iced.
Authentic White tea is only grown in the Fujian province of China, where the delicate buds and leaves can only be picked for a few weeks each year.
White tea is known to be one of the most delicate tea varieties. Because it is picked early in the season when the buds are still fresh, young, and tender, the taste white tea produces is very mild and sweet, without the sometimes astringent qualities of regular green teas.
White tea is harvested before the tea plant’s leaves open fully, when the young buds are still covered by fine white hairs, hence the name “white” tea.
Because of the laborious and detail-oriented process, it’s also one of the most expensive teas produced.
These buds and unfurled leaves from the newest growth on the tea plant are handpicked and then quickly and meticulously dried, so the leaves are not allowed to oxidize as long as leaves plucked for green or black tea production. This minimal processing and low oxidation results in some of the most delicate and freshest tea available.

Preparing White Tea:
-Always start with fresh, pure, cold filtered water when you brew tea. Spring water is the best.
– One Tablespoon of ‘All Possibilities Peach’ Tea per 8 ounces of water
-White tea is a little more forgiving than green or black tea when it comes to steeping time. But you still don’t want to oversteep your tea or it may release some bitterness and astringency. Taste your tea after the recommended steeping time and then decide if you’d like it to steep a little longer.
-Steep between 180 to 190 degrees for 3 to 5 minutes.
-If you do not have a temperature controlled pot, just under a simmer should be perfect for brewing your white tea.

Storing White Tea :
It is best kept in a cool, dry place in an airtight container or even in a refrigerator. We recommend refrigeration which actually improves the taste of the tea, as well as making it last much longer. However, if refrigerated storage is used, the tea should be kept refrigerated at all times as successive warming and cooling will degrade the tea.


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