Bountiful Butterfly Oolong – organic (50g)

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This Oolong is a specialty, which had originally been produced in the Taiwanese mountains. After plucking, the teas are pre-fermented by approximately 50% and then wilted in the sun. Frequent turning of the tea in bamboo baskets during the drying process allows the Oolong to develop a mild aroma and a large, wildly curled leaf. After steeping, the still green leaf centre with the fermented leaf edges becomes clearly visible. It is very light in the cup and has a very flowery and spicy taste.

This leaf with its many shades of green and brown is only produced in the Taiwanese highlands. Stopping the fermentation process at the right moment leaves only the edges fermented, whereas the leaf centre remains green. This quality has a fleshier and more finely processed leaf than standard Oolongs. The cup shines a brassy color. The infusion shows the blaze of color with the differences between intense green and brown colors. This is a superb tea that  has a slight black tea character, a bit honeyed, slightly woody,with a round long lasting note. We suggest drinking it alone, with nothing added. However, it is your tea so enjoy!

If you want the health benefits of green tea but like something with a slightly more tangible flavor Oolong is for you.

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