Sacred Silver Needle (Organic)-50g

Exquisite for any occasion!

A subtly sweet, soft, refreshing taste that illuminates a light rose-apricot color.
We like to say, “Become mesmerized by her beauty and cherish each sip.”

Each sample yields approximately 3 cups of tea (6-8 oz. cup of water)

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This Exquisite Bai Hao Yin Zhen translated to “White Hair Silver Needle” is one of China’s Ten Famous Teas. This famous organic tea was once reserved for emperor and dignitaries of the court and worth its weight in gold. A rare and highly prized tea today, it’s harvested once a year in the spring season and only the bud of each tea tree is plucked and it must be done by hand to produce the finest Silver Needles.
This beautiful white tea is sourced from a small tea estate situated on high plateaus in Fuding, China where the leaves are carefully picked in the early spring.
We named this tea “Sacred Silver Needles” because, amongst white teas, this is the most expensive variety and the most prized, as only top buds (leaf shoots) of the camelia sinensis plant are used to produce the tea.
Traditionally, the plucks are laid in shallow baskets to wilt under the sun for an extended period, and the best quality produced today are still made this way.
Our “Sacred Silver Needles” releases a delicate honeysuckle floral fragrance. The steep has a naturally sweet undertone that is mild, soft and refreshing on the palate. When steeped properly, there is no bitterness. You can also enjoy multiple infusions.

To properly brew your Silver Needles, you should ideally use 1-2 teaspoons of dried leaves for 8oz of water.
Brew it in water heated to 185ºF for 2 to 3 minutes.
For a stronger flavor, you can brew your Silver Needle tea for up to 5 minutes.
Because it is such a delicate and fragile tea, it is extremely important that you keep the brewing temperature low, and well below the boiling point. If you use too hot of water, you will scorch the white tea leaves and it will remove beneficial nutrients, and result in a bitter and undrinkable brew.

it is extremely important that you take great care in proper storage of your “Sacred Silver Needles” Be sure to store your tea in an airtight, opaque container or pouch where it cannot absorb any odor, moisture or air, and keep it away from heat and sunlight exposure as well, as all of these things can quickly degrade the quality of your teas.




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