Giving Back

Get Loose Tea donates 10% of net profits of each sale to non-profit organizations that are committed to stopping the ivory trade and the unfair treatment of our wildlife. For every $50 donated to Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya we adopt an orphaned baby elephant. Keep checking back to watch our family grow and help to save our elephants.

We are committed to organizations, such as Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, in Kenya who is doing incredible work rescuing injured and orphaned elephants.  Please support us in helping these majestic creatures.

According to National Geographic the current yearly loss –overwhelmingly from poaching — is estimated at 8 percent — That’s about 27,000 elephants slaughtered year after year. This study led conservationists to estimate their extinction by 2025 if urgent action is not taken.

Meet our Adoptees


Discovered by a Community member stuck in mud – reported to Big Life Foundation.


Found next to her dead mother in the company of the rest of her herd.


The calf who was in the company of a teenage bull was weak and extremely emaciated. He was obviously an orphan who had been without mother’s milk for sometime.


Found alone trapped within a newly erected fenced area.


Was orphaned and on his own for a few months before being rescued. Despite other wild elephants in the area he did not join any of the wild herds.


Found with a snare almost severing her trunk.


The calf had been left behind when her herd stampeded following the shooting of an elephant by KWS after it had killed a woman in the community.


Found abandoned near Mackinnon Road.

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